Central Park West, NYC

Following The Client’s Passions

This Central Park West corner pied-a-terre is one of four New York City residences we designed for a theatre producer. Our program in all instances presented us a balancing act challenge of merging the client’s dual desires for a richly colorful, energetic entertaining space and calming private refuge. With special request by the client, our first step was to bring in a Feng Shui master consultant to analyze the space to create the maximum healthy and positive flow of energy. We then layered in contrasting colors set against light and dark neutrals.

Park views and interior room settings get equal billing.

Custom window shading and lighting allow for a full range of options from blackout darkened to softly diffused to brilliantly spotlighted.

An important requirement was to include a grand piano. Limited edition framed poster art in the central gallery hallway represents some of the owner’s favorite Broadway theatre productions.

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