Columbus Avenue, Manhattan

Spirited Serenity

With many clients requesting that we incorporate furnishings they have acquired over the years and particularly from their travels around the world, we are excited with any opportunity to create distinctive settings which purposefully showcase these items. For this NYC apartment we prominently featured a traditional long low bench/table and large mirror from Bali, which were acquired on a recent vacation. The objective was not to replicate a typical ethnic environment but rather to develop a unique style by infusing specific Asian accents within a contemporary context. Upon entering the residence, a modern sculptural concrete fountain against an ultramarine blue textured wall creates an ambiance of spirited serenity, a trademark of our design style and vision.

Custom cabinetry, signature designer furnishings and textiles imbue casual elegance. In the corner living/dining room facing south and west a double layer of Roman style shades – one blackout, the other sheer casement – provide privacy from neighboring buildings and control of natural light. A free-form monorail lighting system with adjustable fixtures accomplished the need for controlled general lighting of gathering areas and spotlighting specific objects.

To personalize the master bedroom, we sought furnishings and fabrics inspired by Polynesian and Asian symbolism. Cinnabar and ink blue accent colors further the theme. Natural linen fabric-covered walls and wool sisal wall-to-wall carpeting were installed to add a touch of warmth and coziness.

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